Attractions in Jarocin

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Old City

Market Square

The old market square in Jarocin is a central place in the city, acting as the heart of local social life. It is a scenic place, surrounded by historic houses and trees that give it charm and character. Jarocin’s old market square has several cafes and stores, making it a popular meeting place for locals and tourists.

St. Martin's Church

St. Martin’s Church in Jarocin is a historic and majestic religious building that has a significant place in the history and landscape of the city. This Gothic church dates back to the 14th century and is one of the oldest surviving architectural structures in Jarocin.


St. Martin’s Church is distinguished by its beautiful neo-Gothic facade and impressive tower, which dominates the area. The interior of the church impresses with its rich decoration, including paintings and sculptures, which create a unique religious atmosphere.


This is a place with a rich history and culture that is worth visiting to appreciate both its architectural beauty and its importance in the life of the local community.


Radolinski Palace

The Radolinski Palace in Jarocin is a significant architectural monument that forms an important part of the city’s cultural heritage. This beautiful palace was built in classicist style at the end of the 18th century by the Radolinski family, one of the most important and influential families in the Wielkopolska region.

The Radolinski Palace is distinguished by its elegant facade with portico and columns and harmonious architectural layout. It is located in the surroundings of a beautiful park, which gives it a unique charm and atmosphere. Currently, the Palace is home to a public library.

Skarbczyk Gallery

The Skarbczyk Gallery in Jarocin is one of the interesting and valuable archaeological treasures in the region. It is a small museum that stores and displays numerous archaeological finds and artifacts related to the history of the city and the surrounding area.


In the Skarbczyk Gallery you can see many interesting artifacts, such as coins, jewelry, tools and ceramics, which are from different historical periods. These artifacts help to discover the past and history of Jarocin and learn about the daily life and culture of the inhabitants of these lands over the centuries.

Museum of Polish Rock

The Polish Rock Museum in Jarocin is a fascinating place that commemorates and celebrates the history and heritage of Polish rock music. The museum is primarily dedicated to the famous rock festivals that have been held in Jarocin since the 1980s.

The museum houses many artifacts related to the history of Polish rock, such as musical instruments, concert posters, photos, audio and video recordings and stage costumes of legendary Polish rock bands. It is a real treasure trove for lovers of rock music and youth culture.

The Polish Rock Museum in Jarocin also organizes temporary exhibitions, concerts and meetings with artists, making it not only a place to learn, but also an interactive center of rock culture.

Glan Monument

The Glan statue in Jarocin is one of the city’s landmarks. Glan is a term popular in youth circles, meaning expressive footwear, often in the form of heavy combat boots. The monument was unveiled in 2008 and is a tribute to youth culture and the Jarocin music festival.