SPA area

Our SPA Center is a great place for active recreation, caring for physical fitness and health. It is also a place where we can take care of our well-being and youthful appearance.

Swimming Pool

A moment to sink
in relaxation

For lovers of physical activity, we suggest taking advantage of our swimming pool. Evening swimming is a unique opportunity to get away from stress and indulge in blissful laziness. The pool is open from 19:30 – 21:00 for hotel guests only.


New motivation -
solar energy

Daily physical activity has a huge impact on health and well-being. Our gym offers you not only the opportunity to strengthen your muscles or improve your stamina, but also an opportunity to relieve the stress and tension of everyday life. A workout at our gym can be your moment of relaxation, which will allow you to regenerate your strength and improve your well-being both physically and mentally.

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that revitalizes

It is characterized by the highest temperature (from 85 °C to even 120 °C) and at the same time very low humidity – only 10%. Such a high temperature is achieved due to a furnace with heated stones, which are not poured with water. Swedish saunas are usually built of wood. It can be used by people with muscle problems, rheumatoid arthritis, spondylitis, or bronchial asthma. The Finnish sauna is also a good option for people who have had a heart attack (but they can not use it sooner than after six months). You can stay in such a high temperature for no longer than 12 minutes. This type of sauna can be used only once a week.

How to prepare?

You should enter the Finnish sauna well-rested, bathed, and carefully dried. Hair should also be dried, as the very high temperature in a Finnish sauna can damage it. It is best to lie flat on the higher step of the bath or sit in a way that your feet are at the level of the seat. At the end of the sauna treatment, go down to a lower level and rest for about 2-3 minutes. A dry sauna bath should last about 8-15 minutes, after which time you should exit the sauna, rinse your body with cold water, dry yourself and return back to the sauna. After the third such exit from the sauna, it is a good idea to rub the body with oil and drink about 1l of water or juice, because under the influence of such high temperatures the skin becomes dry, and the body sweats and loses a large amount of water.

An infrared sauna is an excellent option for people who cannot use a traditional dry or wet sauna. In the already well-known high-temperature saunas, we will meet with high humidity. For many, such conditions are not recommended by doctors for health reasons. The commonly known saunas, as well as infrared, interact with heat. In the second one, infrared rays heat our body directly, and not like the traditional saunas, through the conditions maintained inside the room. A positive aspect worth mentioning is that up to 80% of this energy penetrates deep into our body giving us many benefits. Infrared rays are transformed into heat, which warms subcutaneous fat tissue, muscles and internal organs. The temperature we come into contact with oscillates between 25 and 60° C, so the session can last longer, which promotes better well-being and a better effect on the figure. It is worth noting that regular sessions in the infrared sauna will help eliminate excessive fat tissue by energy stimulating and improving metabolism.

How to prepare?

We enter the infrared sauna after carefully cleansing and drying our bodies. There must be no remains of makeup, lotions or any jewelry on our body. The skin should be given the best possible conditions to breathe. You should take 3 towels with you to the sauna – one to sit on, another to wipe sweat and a third under your feet. It is very important that in an infrared sauna the skin should not come into contact with a wooden surface. 

A single session in an infrared sauna should last about 30 minutes – preferably at a temperature of 45°C-60°C. Before the session, do not drink any drinks or indulge in any physical activity. After the session is over you should wrap your body in a towel or bathrobe and refill fluids.


Beneficial microclimate

The salt cave contains a suitable microclimate that strengthens immunity and stimulates the body’s vital forces. Salt chambers produce and maintain air rich in precious elements, such as:

– iodine-is essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland responsible for metabolism and normalization of weight, exhibits

– bactericidal effect;

– magnesium – affects the cardiovascular system;

– iron – an essential component of hemoglobin in the blood;

– calcium – contributes to strengthening the body’s immunity and has a soothing effect on irritation;

– copper – prevents the appearance of ringworm;

– selenium – slows down the aging process of the skin;

– sodium, potassium, chloride – has a beneficial effect on heart function;

– silicon – improves the appearance of skin and hair and strengthens bones.

For the salt cave, it is best to dress in breathable, sporty, comfortable clothes and white socks. You can also take a clean towel to sit on.

In order to achieve the desired effect, you should attend such a place twice a week, about 10 treatments in a row.

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